Start of winter 2018

Mt. Baker at dusk from the neighborhood.  November 2018

Wow.  It’s really been almost five years since I’ve written anything here?  I guess that’s what happens when I finally joined the modern world, got an Instagram account (@adamcu280 if you’re interested) and started posting there.  

So what’s new?  Let’s start with the skiing side of things.  I’ve been working with Lib Tech Skis for a couple years now too.  Lib Tech is a local Washington company that is now one of the biggest players in the global snowboard market.  They’ve been dabbling in skis for over a decade but have started really upping their game in the last few years and I’m excited to be a part of the newest generation of designs.  They also make killer surfboards and skateboards in the most environmentally friendly factory on the planet which just happens to be nearby on the Olympic peninsula.  They’re local, produce awesome shapes with zero hazardous waste, and are heavily involved with my community.  Plus, the reps are great neighbors and our dogs are best friends. 

Zeal Optics is another environmentally friendly company that I’ve recently partnered with.  They do things like plant trees for every set of goggles sold during certain times of the year and even make plant-based sunglasses.  What’s not to like?  

I’m still proud to be working with Backcountry Access (for over a decade!), Spacecraft Collective, LEKI, Saxx underwear, Quiver Killer binding inserts, 22 Designs, Crispi boots, One Ball Jay, Dissent socks, and Mt. Baker ski area

All smiles in the backyard!  Mt. Baker, WA.  December 2018.  Photo by Tess Golling

There are a few updates on the research side of things as well.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Mariana Archipelago and my colleagues and I just published a paper on the pilot whales there in Marine Mammal Science.  We’ve also started doing winter humpback whale research and have presented our findings at the Society for Marine Mammalogy conference in Halifax, Canada.  I’ve also been on a handful of research cruises in the Marianas, off the west coast of the US, the Aleutians, and Hawaii.  

Small boat work off Guam.  August 2018
Ski world meets whale world on Saipan.  February 2018.  Photo by Amanda Bradford
Sunset on Saipan.  May 2017
R/V Tiglax somewhere west of Adak, Alaska.  August 2016
NOAA Oscar Elton Sette off Lana’i, Hawaii.  September 2017
NOAA Reuben Lasker off Baja, Mexico.  October 2018

In 2015, 2017, and 2018, I participated in studies on the Vaquita in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico.  These poor critters are on the verge of extinction with probably less than a dozen left so it’s been an honor to be able to work with them in the hopes of turning the tide in their favor.  Fingers crossed for them because as they say in Mexico “hope dies last”.  

R/V Narval in the Gulf of California.  September 2018
Vaquita swimming near San Felipe, Mexico.  September 2018
Vaquita swimming in front of San Felipe, Mexico.  September 2018

The last time I posted anything I still had my old band Metalmücil.  Well, that project disbanded and I started my own “solo” career as the Bonin Petrels.  Most of the Bonin Petrels stuff was recorded all by myself on research ships with an electric guitar, 25 key MIDI keyboard, and my laptop.  In March 2018 I started a new band, the Season Passholes, with some friends from Glacier.  This has been quite an adventure and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this project.  

The Season Passholes rocking the Williamson wedding.  August 2018.  Photo by Anne Cleary

Ok, we’re all caught up!  Hopefully it won’t be another five years before the next update.

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