Adam Ü winter 2013-2014

Here’s yet another all-POV video diary for you to ignore! This one focuses on my 2013-2014 winter. This season started out slow for pretty much everyone but got rolling for me during a wonderful road trip through Japan in January and when I returned home to Mt. Baker, the PNW finally entered a more “normal” winter cycle.

As usual, if you’re looking for the sickest, most extremo progression of the sport with double corks off of massive cliffs and the nastiest spine descents in the most remote mountain ranges you’re in the wrong place. This, by most people’s e-standards, is pure FGP/meadow skipping.

Big thanks go to K2, K2 Japan, Scarpa boots, TREW gear, Backcountry Access, Scott Sports, and Mt. Baker Ski Area for supporting my winter endeavors.

Music: “Industry Douchebag” by The Bonin Petrels. If you can handle a bit of satire on the ski industry you can hear more of their songs at

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