Marine Publications

This is a collection of slightly more serious media, including Government reports, peer-reviewed publications, poster presentations, and my MRes thesis.

Hill et al. 2015 Marianas Short-Finned Pilot Whales This poster was presented at the 2015 Society for Marine Mammalogy conference in San Francisco, CA.

Martien et al. 2014 This is a Tech Memo on the genetics of four species (short-finned pilot whale, bottlenose dolphin, spinner dolphin, and melon-headed whales in the Marianas.  I am not a co-author but I did collect many of the samples used for the analyses and a few of my photographs are also used.

Marianas Field Report 2014  This is a summary of all of the Marianas cetacean surveys our team has done since 2010.

Marianas Field Report 2013

Marianas Field Report 2012

Marianas Field Report 2011

Keener et al 2011 White Harbor Porpoises

Marianas Field Report 2010

Summertime density, abundance, and distribution of Harbor Porpoise in the inside waters of Washington State – Poster presented at 19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals 2011

Summertime Density, Abundance, and Distribution of Harbor Porpoise and Dall’s Porpoise in the Inside Waters of Washington – MRes Thesis, University of Aberdeen 2009

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  1. Hi Adam, Can you get in touch with me? I want to ask you about using an Argo float picture that you took on a cruise in 2007.

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