Metalmücil – “Go Home”

Well folks, here it is.  “Go Home” is the first album from Metalmücil, the loudest band in eastern Whatcom county!

Recorded over two days in April 2012 at Rogue Island Studios in Seattle and mixed/mastered by Eric Janko, this album represents my finest accomplishment to date.  Sure, there are a few little hiccups here and there but it represents the raw and rugged (and low-budget) sound that we were going for.  No Phil Spector overproduction, no indulgent string orchestration, just four guys (now three guys and one gal) with day jobs doing our best to be equal opportunity offenders. 

We’ll be playing a few shows in NW Washington from late Jan through mid-April, so don’t be afraid to check us out!  If you like what you hear or just want to support local music feel free to buy a song or 11. 

Metalmücil is:

guitar/vocals: Greg Bernier and Adam Ü

drums/vocals: Thomas Taylor

bass/vocals: Emily Hewitt (but Scott Peterson played on the album)

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