Fall 2013

Let’s see, the last time I checked in I was chasing whales and dolphins in the Marianas.  What have I been up to since then?

Well, when the Marianas project ended I had about three days at home in Washington before I flew out to Norfolk to join a NOAA/SEFSC cruise chasing whales and dolphins in the Atlantic.  I enjoyed action and adventure on the Right Coast for five weeks and then made my way back to Washington for a short while before heading down to California for some well-deserved family and surf time.

After about a month in the Golden State I migrated back north for the winter, stopping in Ashland for a couple of days before finally making it home to Glacier.  Once I was finally home for more than a couple days I settled into a nice routine of mountain biking and music (if you dare you can hear some of my latest songs on the “Music” page).  For the first month or so we were loving the amazing biking conditions but for the past few weeks now the weather has been abnormally frigid and everyone’s getting a bit agitated at the lack of snow.

Mount Baker has been uncharacteristically bony thus far but we’ve still managed to get out and make some nice turns.  Since it’s now ski season that also means it’s ski publication season and if you check out the “Skiing Publications” page you can see some new stuff from Powder, Backcountry, Backline (DE), Mount Baker Experience, Fall-Line (UK), and Ski Canada.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are a few thousand words in photo form:

Allan and I enjoy some rare Bf. 0 conditions off Saipan


A few days later, I enjoy some Bf. 0 conditions in the Atlantic while on the NOAA ship Gordon Gunter


Spotted dolphins riding the bow.  That’s me in the red.


Imagine my surprise when I went to a bar in Charleston and found The Palisades, a Bellingham band, playing!


A manatee enjoying a dripping pipe massage in front of the USS Yorktown CV-10.  Charleston, SC.


Back in Washington, sailing with Kevin.


Spawned out pinks in Canyon Creek, Whatcom County WA.


USA!  Team Oracle winning the America’s Cup in San Francisco.


McConkey movie premiere, Squaw Valley CA.


West Marin, CA.


Marin Headlands, CA.


Thee Oh Sees!


Did a bit of driving in the trusty Suby and hit 200k on the way up to Artist Point.


Top of Table Mountain looking towards Mount Shuksan.


Mt. Baker opening day!  Skied Mt. Herman w/ Grant Gunderson and Tess Golling.


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