Any given weekend around Glacier, WA

Somehow I managed to miss all the crappy weather that everyone was whining about earlier this summer. I’ve been home for about four weeks since early July and it’s rained approximately 10 minutes during that time. I’m guessing that daytime temps for Glacier have averaged in the mid 70s and peaked in the low 90s since I’ve been home. It’s been a perfect time to weed-whack the yard, build a fire pit, go for exploratory hikes and bikes, and drink beer in the sun. I’m kind of sad that I have to leave for AK in just over a day because the weather is showing no signs of being anything less than awesome anytime soon. Here are a few photos from the last few days from some of the recreation near my home.

The Yellow Aster trailhead is about 20 minutes from my house. Keep going up the road and you hit Twin Lakes. Some people are happy with peace, love, and trees. Others rock with Flying V guitars and Marshall full-stacks.


It’s wildflower season in the alpine.


Mt. Shuksan is not quite as snowy as she is in the wintertime but she’s pretty nonetheless. The ski area is on the right of the frame.


Crossing the last bit of snow before the final steps to the summit of Yellow Aster Butte.


On the summit of Yellow Aster Butte w/ Baker in the background. This was the first time I’ve repeated the first hike I did when I moved to Bellingham in Sept. 99. I’m wearing a Fu Manchu shirt because technical hiking outerwear has nothing on a cotton T representing one of the greatest bands in the world.


My friend Mike turned 40 this weekend and brought a keg of Rainier to the bottom of the DH bike trails to celebrate. The locals came out, shuttled DH trails, and partied. Notice all four of the vehicles in this part of the lot are sporting Metalmücil “Go Home” stickers. 542 pride.


My friend Dean dragged me away from yardwork this afternoon to go for a quick hike up Heliotrope Ridge on Mt. Baker. 20 minutes from my house and one hour from the car and we’re at the Coleman glacier. Not bad.


And that’s about it for this weekend. Hikes, bikes, and summits = check. Yardwork = check. Epic ragers = check.

3 thoughts on “Any given weekend around Glacier, WA

  1. Just read your “any given weekend in Glacier” blog post. (and checked the rest of your blogs out). Pretty sweet. Nice pics and excited to see some of this awesome area by someone who lives there. Here’s my question and short story. I am about to close (own) on a cabin up there for my kids/family to grow up using as a weekend base (i’m 36 with a wife and two small kids). I have been snowboarding at baker for 10+ years, ski, snowboard, lots of hiking ya know..and i’m pumped about it. I also mountainbike. Never considered or thought there were trails up there. I mean,,,i know there are, but private and locally built. Short version, I want to help build, so…i can earn a ride ect. I came across your blog when looking online for trails (naturally). The thing that i’m curious about..”go home” sticker? How local is this area? I will be new, but permanent, and respect, as long as you’re not a dick, the local scene and work people put in on trails. One way or another, i’m gonna figure it out, but prefer the cool earn it route (naturally). Anyway, i had a minute to comment, so here it is. Keep on writing and exploring man. Good shit, and thanks!

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