Finally back in Washington!

After a month of housing limbo in CA and a week of liver workouts at the Society of Marine Mammalogy meeting in Florida, I’ve finally made it to Washington. The housing limbo continues (4th time’s the charm?) but at least I’m in the right county in the right state with the right people looking at the right mountain. I knew I was in the right place when I started seeing friends as soon as I started driving through downtown Bellingham and had started catching up before I had even finished parking. To top it off, they showed me a nice two-page spread in the December/Photo Annual issue of Backcountry magazine. The funny thing is that the photo they chose was taken exactly a year ago to the day. I’m not sure if I believe in signs or omens or whatever, but this was pretty cool.

Now I just have to wait for my house purchase drama to finally come to a close and I can focus on skiing and music. The first Metalmücil practice is looming! Glacier, watch your eardrums.


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