Best opening day ever at Mt. Baker, or so I heard (with a few recent publications to ease the pain)

Today was opening day at my home mountain of Mt. Baker. They received over two feet of cold dry powder the day before and it was quite possibly the best opening day in recent memory.

Or so I heard. I wasn’t there.

Nope, I’m still stuck in CA while my home-buying adventure slowly turns into a nightmare. Hopefully I will be able to move in to the house I am trying to buy by early December, otherwise I’m going to have to start an “Occupy: Glacier” protest until the situation gets fixed. I’ll spare everyone the details but I will say this: given the amount of incompetence shown by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and the people behind the USDA rural development loan, it’s no surprise the mortgage industry is in such a sorry state. Since I’m not skiing I have lots of time to think back to all the awesome days I got in last season, some of which have shown up in print. Here are a few of them for your viewing enjoyment.

The first in line happens to be the very first shot that Grant and I took during our trip to Japan last January. For some reason, Salomon decided it was worthy of a two-page ad even though I have absolutely nothing to do with Salomon. It was taken under a chairlift sometime in the afternoon. If that had been Mt. Baker, that line would have been shredded exactly 30 seconds after the first chair had unloaded in the morning.


The second image is in the Patagonia Holiday 2011 catalog. It was taken the same day as the previous image as Grant and I walked back to our hotel. Bonus points go to those that can ID what’s wrong with my jacket.


The final photo is a two-page spread in the December issue of Powder magazine. This photo was also taken during our time in Myoko. The tree we were jumping through ended up falling over later that season due to too much snow.


And there you have it. Here’s to more of the same in 11/12!

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