First ski publication for the 11-12 season

The days are getting shorter and there’s a slight bite to the air which means winter is just around the corner. Of course, those folks in the PNW are still wondering if summer will ever get here, but with ski magazines and other winter-related media showing up in mailboxes it’s clear that summer has already missed the boat. Speaking of ski media, I just received a copy of the Great Canadian Heli-Skiing brochure, and hey presto there’s a Grant Gunderson shot of myself, K.C. Deane, and Zack Giffin getting ready to jump in the bird for another supremo run during our trip up there two seasons ago. No, that photo wasn’t staged; that stupid grin was on my face all day long. Since it was his first day in a heli I’m pretty sure K.C. had a similar grin but it’s covered by his Yowie. Here’s to more of that this season!

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