April in Glacier – Photo Recap

Alas, the time has come for me to hang up the skis and move on from the awesomeness that is Mt. Baker and Glacier. Summer = “day job” work season for me. Currently I’m in Port Townsend counting seabirds and marine mammals for a tidal turbine installation with some serious nerds from University of Washington SAFS, and I’ll be heading back to the Gulf of Mexico and the SE Atlantic coast in a few weeks.

Here are a few of my snapshots from the end of my ski season. All in all the 10/11 season was one of the most memorable I’ve had since… ever. Thanks to everyone for helping make it fun and successful!

Metalmücil on the marquee. FKNA! We ended up playing 7 concerts in March and April.


The band getting ready to shred at Chair 9


Riffmaster Greg Bernier


Scott Peterson and yours truly


Thom Taylor keeping it real


Japan Reunion: Duncan Adams shreds near Table Mountain while K.C. Deane and I watch


Mt. Shuksan from White Salmon Lodge. This view never gets old.


Gunder, K.C., and I sessioned the road gap. Well, K.C. sessioned it, I pussed out, and “Gunder” took the best photo of his life. Look for it in the magazines next year – you’ll know it when you see it.


Gunder doing damage control to a 1DmkIV with a Leatherman while K.C. re-manicures the lip


Michelle Savoie took this picture of K.C. Gunder has a similar angle. I had the $$$$$$$$$$$ angle.


Dean Collins on Little AK w/ Garrett Grove shooting


Garrett Grove shredding Little AK after the photoslutting was over


Adam Roberts gets a nice line on Little AK


Adam Roberts again on 50/50 Ridge, Shuksan Arm


Dean Collins on the Arm


On closing day, Dean Collins busted out the old-school F17’s and showed us how it was done in the bumps before they discovered fire.



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