A quick trip through the B.C. Interior

Just over a week ago Grant Gunderson asked me if I wanted to join him on a roadtrip through the Interior of BC. He was a presenter at “The Gathering”, a ski festival at Red Mountain that, unlike many other ski-related festivals, had absolutely zero competitive overtones. It was just what it was billed as – a gathering of ski photographers and writers, skiers, and people interested in a good time. When he added a day at Whitewater and a couple days at Revelstoke to sweeten the deal it didn’t take long for me to clear my schedule and pack up my stuff. The following is a somewhat complete photo-documentation of the adventure.


Parking at Red Mountain is tight, so Dave Heath just climbed a nearby snowbank in his Land Cruiser.


The Gathering introduction in the Rafters Bar. L-R we have Matthias Giraud, Mark Shapiro, Ace Kvale, Leslie Anthony, the Red presenter guy (sorry forgot your name), François Marseille, Derek Taylor, Grant Gunderson, Dave Heath, Virginie Tisseau, and Leah Evans. That’s some serious talent right there.


The Gathering was put on by Salomon. Here’s “The Godfather” Mike Douglas and “Salomom” Jenny Naftulin enjoying the scenic vistas from Red Mountain.


Red Mountain staff were amazing hosts. They even put on a bbq with a fully stocked snowbank at the top of the mountain for us Gatherers! Chicken gyro anyone?


The Kokanee flowed freely. Dave and Outi appreciate the cozy warmth of the Start Shack while Roy Orbison croons in the background.


March 26 was our Shane McConkey appreciation day so we rocked our gaper gaps and found our biggest boogers in his honor.


I take it back – there was a bit of competition. Grant challenged Dave Heath and Les Anthony to a drinking contest and got slaughtered.


During the re-match Grant beat Les by a fraction of a second. Both of them nearly lost their hands when Les slammed his glass down right where Grant put his a moment before. Oops.


There were two nights of slideshows and presentations. Here’s Mitchell Scott introducing Grant to the crowd. Grant does not like public speaking.


Another shot of the all-star cast of presenters. The Gathering is a great party and I hope to make it back next year!


Partying with Les Anthony and Mitchell Scott at the Flying Steamshovel. There was some hippy stringy band playing and all I could think of was Metalmücil.


From Red, Grant and I drove to Nelson and spent a day at Whitewater shredding with Doug LePage and Dave Heath. I have no photos of that day which is odd considering I was skiing with three pro photographers. Immediately after shredding, we hit the road and drove right on to the Galena Bay ferry towards Revy. How’s that for timing?


Revelstoke was firing and there is no shortage of rippers to ski with. We met up with Leah Evans and Jacob Hanson (both of whom were Gatherers) and Zoya Lynch, another young ripper gal. Zoya was definitely not afraid to go for it!


Here I am trying not to land on Grant. The flashes make a cloudy day much brighter for 1/1000th of a second. This was not that 1/1000th of a second.


“Zoya, just go a smidge skier’s left of my track and you’ll be fine!” She stomped it. Props. On a different note, considering we were landing at Grant’s level, it’s pretty amazing how much smaller this air looks from this perspective compared to the previous photo.


K.C. Deane drove ten hours straight from Steven’s Pass to join us. That guy is the most dedicated skier I know. He also likes to go big. That’s Jacob manning the flash and Grant once again right in the L.Z.


It kept snowing at Revy while Baker was experiencing a monsoon so we extended our stay (thanks Ashley!) and kept shooting. Once again, K.C. decides bigger is better.


K.C. goes upside down into a perfect landing zone. STOMP!


For our final hit of the trip, K.C. saw a little feature that he thought would make a great subject for a hand-drag 360. Of course this feature was over a 30 foot cliff, but that’s why he’s a pro. He built a lip and got it the first time but, ever the perfectionist, wasn’t happy with his body position in the photos so he hiked up and hit it again. Both he and Grant nailed it the 2nd time around.


After our fourth day of skiing Revy, I loaded up my stuff into K.C.’s truck and we headed back west. Grant abandoned me for a Poorboyz shoot at Mica Heli (can’t say I blame him; I would have done the same thing!) and long story short – now I’m back in Glacier tuning up my guitars.
All in all it was a great and unexpected last-minute trip! I’ll probably be happily stuck in Glacier for the duration of my season.

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