Metalmücil at Graham’s!

Graham’s is a historic bar in Glacier, Washington. Every other Thursday they host an open mic night which more often than not is full of acoustic guitar-wielding singer/songwriters singing about hippy stuff. That’s fine if you’re into that sort of thing, but contrary to popular belief not all of the residents of Glacier are hippies. Enter Metalmücil, the latest/greatest/only metal band in Glacier! What started out as a “wouldn’t it be funny if we started a band…” conversation between Greg and Adam in August 2010 has now become something a bit more tangible. On March 17, we crashed Graham’s open mic night and taught all those hippies a lesson in sonic brutality. Apologies for the crappy video/audio quality. Apparently GoPro cameras don’t have a “mood lighting” setting and the pinhole mic under a waterproof housing leads a bit to be desired. That being said, we make no apologies for our music. The set:
“Shit Wig”
“Whisky Missile”
“Slut Machine”
“Down By The River”
“Bongo Island”
“Vicodin Valley”

All songs were written by Metalmücil except for “Down By The River” which was composed by Neil Young.

Metalmücil is:
Greg Bernier, guitar and vocals
Scott Peterson, bass
Tom Taylor, drums
Adam Ü, guitar and vocals

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