Winter 10/11 Episode 4: The North Face of the North Twin Sister

Here’s Episode 4 of my “Winter 10/11” collection of edits. This one documents a day trip up and down the N. Face of the N. Twin Sister in the North Cascades of Washington State. The approximate elevation gain is 5300 feet from car to summit, and we traveled about 16 miles round trip. It took us about nine hours total (six up, one on the summit, two on the descent). We certainly lucked out with perfect weather and snow, especially since the previous few days had brutal north winds that could have easily scoured the entire face.

Extremos: Adam Ü, Paul Kimbrough, Kelix Scott, Pat Haggerty, Brian Emery, and Nathan Bingham.

Music: “It’s a Long Way to the Top” AC/DC, “The Trees” Rush, and “Cocody Rock” Alpha Blondy.

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