Mt. Baker Fall 2010

It’s hard to believe that winter has only officially been around for about a day when my friends and I have been enjoying some of the best skiing conditions we’ve ever experienced for the past month or so.  We haven’t had any of the big storms that we’d normally expect from a La Niña winter but we’re definitely not hurting for lack of powder.  The conditions have been excellent, with cold temperatures, little dumplets (yes, I just made up that word) of snow every few days and a little bit of wind transport that keeps everything fresh.  The touring opportunities have been amazing and we’ve been getting after lines and zones that we’d normally not be able to ski this early.  All in all, if this season continues the way it’s started it’s shaping up to be one of my best ever. 


This view never gets old.


Re Wikstrom helps Molly Baker figure out where she wants to put her bindings.  They settled on the “International Team” line.


K.C. Deane broke his C2 about six months ago and spent the summer in a neck brace, but I don’t think it slowed him down at all.


Reed Purvis and Matt Steinman analyzing the snowpack.  Yep, there’s a lot. 


Grant Gunderson helps Ross Jorgensen mount up some skis while K.C. Deane tinkers with his sled.


Molly Baker goes bigger than you.


Zack Giffin channels his inner Jonny Moseley. 


Dean Collins likes to ski powder.


A special thanks goes to Grant Gunderson for sharing these three pics of yours truly:



Just in case you missed these videos, here are two “edits” that I’ve put together:

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