“Stuck” annoys the neighbors on a Thursday night.

I first started playing with “Stuck” back in March 2007.  I had just blown out my knee and Geoff and Chris’ garage was conveniently located on the way home from my physical therapist, so I used to schedule my PT visits so I’d be finished in time for the weekly jam session.  There were anywhere between three and five of us playing on any given night, and since all of us could play more than one instrument we’d often mix it up to get a different take on a song.  Many of the songs were composed on the spot (“ok, when I nod my head, we all go to E!!!”) back then, and now it seems like we’re still, um, stuck in the garage playing the same songs. 

Since I spend so much time on the road I don’t play with the band as often as I’d like, but every time I am back in the Bay Area I make a point to try and join in.  Here are the results of last Thursday’s session.  I’m playing rhythm guitar on all tracks except for “Pop Flamenco” and “Big Mother”, where I’m on bass.  Otherwise, on this night it was Geoff on keys, Paul on drums, Keith on space guitar, Matt on vocals and noodle guitar, and Chris on bass or rhythm guitar.  As with every lo-fi production, the songs were recorded with a single mic in the middle of the room for optimal “garage” sound.

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