If this boat’s a rockin’ it’s just Bf 6

Greetings once again from the (literally) high seas. I’m overdue for a weekly report but since we’ve left Honolulu we’ve had winds ranging from 15-35 knots every day and there’s not much to report. We’ve had four sightings so far: one Tursiops off of Hilo and then three sperm whales. Of course all but one were off-effort. Bird life has been keeping us going but even that is pretty slow. The highlights have been Mottled petrels, a few Stejneger’s petrels, and one Pycroft’s petrel, which now give us a full collection of the Hawaiian cookilaria petrels for the cruise.  I have no photos to show for the last week since my trigger finger filter doesn’t allow for distant sperm whale blows in rough seas nor tiny speckshots of birds no matter how exciting they might be.  

So what have we been doing while we bounce around out here? Everyone has their own way of keeping busy and my preferred method involves my guitar and GarageBand. Here are the latest Bird Robot tunes for your listening… pleasure?

“Gas Dock Girl” words by Bird Robot, music by Steve Earle

“Suspicious Splash” words by Bird Robot, music by Mark James

With any luck our weather will improve and we’ll be back in action soon. Until then, keep rocking!

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